youtube feat. food 4.7.18

Today’s videos are brought to you by food with a sprinkle of Schadenfreude.

  1. Let’s ease into this weekend with some danger, the kind where hands and heavy mallets are in the same vicinity, working at a very fast pace for some delicious results.  (Duration 2:35)


2. Not sure what he’s trying to accomplish, but maybe it’s working? (0:25)


3. Who doesn’t like gushers? Who wouldn’t want to try making eating these? Watching her reverse-engineer the recipe is fascinating. (13:13)


4. Ok. Several things.  This guy is ADVENTUROUS.  He is willing to eat what even some locals don’t eat.  And he speaks a surprising amount of Chinese (this also means that his mannerisms will rub off on me, oh no). But what I really like about this video is that it takes you to a part of China that’s not visited often, but as he shows, has a very rich gastronomic culture. (22:41)


5. Finally some cheese for thought.  Some precise combination of pacing and fascination captured 1.6 million viewers.  So if you’ve ever truly wondered about the Parmesan in your local grocery, start here. (13:46)

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