the last Taco Bell in the universe

Excerpt from “Space Travel Quarterly” Issue 70071

Featured near the brightly lit transport station circling asteroid G-140, the flickering neon “Fly-Thru Open” sign welcomes all to this well worn highway through the Kuiper belt.

Try our Triple Cheesy Nacholupa today!  

A little sliver of Earth-year 2010’s culinary bliss awaits the travel-weary and worm-hole-accelerated explorers.

Despite the all-robotic crew who are employed in the kitchens, the food manages to maintain its slapdash aesthetics and earthly flavors; taco supremes, quesarittos, nacho fries bellegrande are among some of their exotic offerings.  It’s almost a surprise when one attempts to peer behind the nutrient replicator to find that there isn’t just a bin of shredded lettuce left forgotten by some bygone employee.

As you pull your spacecraft up to the fly-through, the menu will transmit directly to your visual console, allowing unhurried perusal through an extensive gallery of ground beef, tortillas, and beverages in colors far outside the natural capabilities of Earth to produce.

Eating with Friends? Why not try our party packs with 12 of our favorite Doritos Locos Tacos?

Perhaps one of the best things about Taco Bell during its heyday was the ability to customize absolutely anything on the menu as long as they had the ingredients.  Want extra potatoes? No problem! Black beans instead of pinto? Absolutely.  No cheese? Why not?  Tweak and tailor to your stomach’s content!

With millions of possible creations, you too, could be the designer of your own personal tasting menu–all for less than the cost of rush-interstellar delivery!

Our Dollar Cravings menu is perfect for all budgets!

When the space-franchising industry began to explode, as one of the true Earth exports to the universe, previously Earth-bound favorites began to make their way upward and outward.


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